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You can have a lot of fun with quilting and applique. You don't need to have a special quilting machine, any sewing machine should provide all that you need for our kits. And if you don't have a machine? Some of our designs do not require one at all as they are mainly applique, such as our Christmas Baubles. And for those that are more complex, like the Wall Hangings, you can still complete a project by hand piecing, although this is certainly quicker when done by machine.

We use a combination of materials. Some kits are worked in polyester cotton and/or felt as we find for everyday items this works well and then for special pieces we use 100% cotton. Wadding is included and again we vary the type of wadding to suit the project.

Please browse through the kits we have on offer. The detailed page lets you know which materials are in the kit and we very much hope you like our designs.

As always our kits come with full instructions.

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