About Our Kits

We include everything in our kits with the exception of basic sewing cotton - that means all the yarns, fabrics, embroidery threads, and stuffing. For the quilted projects, we include the backing fabric and the wadding (the detailed pages explain which wadding a particular kit uses as it varies according to the design).

Not only do all our kits include all the specialist materials you will need to complete a project, but when you choose a cushion cover we have included the option to buy a cushion pad at the same time (our cushion pads are provided by Homescapes - made in the UK and 100% cotton with duck feather filling, simply the best we have found).

When it come to the materials we want our kits to reflect high quality and value for money, which is why we use both cottons and polycottons in the fabric ranges and 100% wool, 100% acrylic, (or something inbetween) in our knitted.  Our philosopy is simple - for home furnishings a product must be durable, easy to wash when necessary, and look and feel good. We also believe there is a difference between everyday fun, or seasonal items versus something longer lasting, as with the Classic and Heritage ranges.

At the present time our yarn comes exclusively from King Cole, a long established British company with traditional values, and wherever possible, as with our cotton fabric, we buy from British manufacturers.

And if you see a design you like and would like to purchase the full kit but the colour doesn't fit in with you home decor? Get in touch and we'll do our best to accomodate some changes for you (for details of how, please see the contacts page).